British Values

As we live in a multicultural society, who better to come and teach your young students than our ex-military professional who have worked all around the world with many different cultures and societies and have developed strong relationships with them all by using our exceptional versatility.

This course is completely tailored to your school and its mission statement. Its focus is on your core school values so that we can combine them with British Values. This course is delivered through fun and interesting games and activities that will engage and empower every child.

It covers areas such as:

  • Social, moral, spiritual and cultural values in today’s society
  • Self-respect, including respect for others, and the importance of responsible behaviours and actions
  • Responsibilities and rights as members of families, other groups and as citizens
  • Different groups and communities
  • Respect diversity and equality and how to be a productive member of the community
  • Understanding, respecting and protecting the environment
  • Where money comes from and managing it effectively
  • The part that money plays in people’s lives and society
  • A basic understanding of enterprise
  • Radicalisation and extremism in schools

This course compliments our Little Life Savers and Young Life Savers Award First Aid Courses and can also run alongside our MSE interventions programme. However, if you prefer, the programme can be run as a standalone course. This will help your students integrate better with one another and bring a bright and better future for us all but putting UNITY back into the commUNITY.